Anatomy of the Foot & Ankle in application to Yoga

Anatomy of the Shoulder joint applied to the practice of Yoga

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 Join Physiotherapist Lindsay Harris and Yoga teacher & teacher trainer Theresa Moodie as they collaborate to revise, discuss and apply Yoga specific movement patterns in this Anatomy workshop. 

Who is this Anatomy workshop relevant for? 

Any current yoga teachers, yoga therapists and/or teacher trainers. 

Ideal for cross modalities such as Pilates instructors, Bio-kineticists, personal trainers who incorporate Yoga applications in their teaching. 

Please note there are theoretical and practical components so please have a yoga mat, strap and block handy. 

Lindsay will recap and guide you through the anatomical principles of the shoulder joint and Theresa will be leading a short shoulder warm up routine while demonstrating some additional shoulder movements relevant when teaching moving mechanics of Yoga. 

Shoulder injuries are extremely prevalent in the practice of Yoga. With a better understanding of this ball & socket joint you can help prevent injury in your classes. 

Attached you will find downloadable PDFs of additional questions and images for you to explore (please print these out or save to your tablet for reference). 

Lindsay and Theresa look forward to sharing the journey of continued anatomy learning with you! 

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Melody Fitch
Posted 12 months ago

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Martine Human
Posted 2 years ago
yoga and the shoulder!

Well explained. Great anatomical recap

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