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  • Presenter: Theresa Moodie
  • Duration:  1 Hour
  • Attendees: Physiotherapists
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Eastern Medicine meets Western Medicine. Regardless of Eastern or Western approaches, healthcare in both modalities is aimed at moving energy, relieving pain, expelling toxins and restoring balance. Therapeutic interventions always include the practice of redirecting the flow of energy by somehow changing the connections in the network. The principal philosophy of TCM (traditional Chinese Medicine) is to find balance within the whole, individual person. Working with the mind, body, spirit and natural environment. If the body is in a state of balance (homeostasis) there will be no dis – ease. Each individual is unique. Therefore, you will not be able to treat different people in the same way, even if they present with similar symptoms. Western Medicine seeks to understand the system by breaking it down into separate parts. TCM considers the universe and each human, holistically. Explore what each of these practices are.  Understand the range of Eastern medicine practices.  Knowledge of Eastern medicine will allow us as practitioners to engage in what our patients engage in, without resistance, but with the understanding of achieving the same goals but with different tools.

In this course you will learn:

In this course we will explore the definition of that Eastern and Western Medicine are. You will come to understand that our goals for each individual patient are common.  Homeostasis, a state of “dis-ease”.  Learn the range of techniques which Eastern Medicine practitioners have available to them.  Understand how and why they would choose to use them either individually or in combination.  This is not new, and is already used by so many sports professionals around the world.  Understand how as physiotherapsist we treat pain, range of motion deficits, muscle soreness, swelling and inflammation with tools that are familiar to us, we could explore Eastern Medicine techniques to assist in reaching a common goal.

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