Pathology of the Shoulder Joint: Module 2

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  • Presenter: Paula Maclaurin (BSc Physio)
  • Duration:  1 hour.15
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  • Attendees: Health Care Professionals
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In this hour the subjective assessment of the shoulder joint will be discussed.  Working your way through the subjective assessment, whether an acute or chronic presentation will be guided.  Understanding what detail to go into when understanding the acute or chronic history.  Discussing pain – understanding why severity, intensity and the nature of the pain are so key.  Why the 24-hour pattern of pain helps our clinical reasoning, together with easing and aggravating factors.  General health, medication, and all special questions are discussed so that we come to understand why this information guides our assessment.  Moving to the objective assessment – we understand why we look at the person (posture) globally and then zone in locally.  Posture giving us so much information.  Navigating active and passive range of motion, special tests and motor control is included and discussed.

  1. In this course you will learn:
    1. In this presentation you will learn how to navigate both the subjective and objective assessments of the shoulder joint. You will understand why we seek the information that we do for the subjective – to assist our clinical reasoning and guide the objective assessment.  The objective assessment is then navigated.  Beginning with global posture assessment, the local posture, the demonstration of the aggravating action – explaining how the information that we gain here guides us.  Each of the special tests if discussed – understanding when we will use them and what makes the test positive.  You will get to the end of the assessment, knowing how to plan your treatment and rehabilitation.

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