Shoulder Treatment and Rehabilitation: Module 2

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  • Presenter: Lindsay Harris
  • Duration:  1 hour
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  • Attendees: Health Care Professionals
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So often as therapists we have carried out an effective subjective and objective examination, and get to the treatment and rehabilitation not knowing where to start. In this presentation important points from the latest shoulder injury prevention consensus statement are highlighted – points we are familiar with but need to be reminded of.  Addressing each of these allows us to make the rehabilitation process complete.  Understanding that our treatment and rehabilitation will include manual techniques and then providing appropriate home exercises to maintain and enhance what you are trying to achieve.  Addressing restrictions (what is short, tight or stiff) and weaknesses where active structures need to activated to create stability and strength.  Early to late stage rehabilitation ideas are included.

In this course you will learn:

    1. In this course you will learn how to navigate the treatment and rehabilitation of the “shoulder patient”. Understanding that we need to address restrictions and inhibitions which can be from the thoracic spine, scapula and glenohumeral joint.  Understanding how key it is to start from the core (trunk) and move out to the periphery.  Understanding how concepts like the kinetic chain and fascial lines are key to the success of our rehabilitation – we can not treat the shoulder in isolation.  We need to address the whole athlete with a shoulder injury, not just the shoulder joint.

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