Sports Nutrition: Module 2

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  • Presenter: Pippa Mullins
  • Duration:  1 hour
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  • Attendees: Health Care Professionals
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In this lecture you will understand what energy requirements we have daily and how we can use nutrition to meet these requirements. Macronutrients are discussed and broken down to show you how much of each you should be eating, and how you can simply meet these needs during the day. Pearls are shared by Pippa, what to eat when and how to avoid “slumps” in the day or in a marathon/endurance event. Nutrition strategies are discussed including pre, during and post exercise.  Hydration is introduced and discussed. Several practical applications are shown to show just how simple it can be!

  1. In this course you will learn:
    1. In this course you will learn what they energy requirement are of an active individual, to a person who has moderate to high levels of training to the extreme of an endurance athlete. Where we can get our fuel sources is discussed, diving deeper into how much of each would be enough/sufficient – with examples of how to combine protein, fat, and carbohydrates to optimise fuelling your system. Recovery is discussed and examples given to show how to carry this out. Nutrition strategies for pre-, during and post exercise are discussed.  Hydration is introduced and the importance of it discussed, especially in recovery.  Several practical applications are provided.

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