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Jaime Crowe​

BSc Physio (UWC)

Jaime Crowie qualified as a physiotherapist is 2012, from the University of the Western Cape. She then worked at Kimberley Hospital Complex for 3 years, while completing her SPT, in 2016.

The following year, Jaime moved to Johannesburg, to work at Bell Rogers & Harris Physios.

In 2017, Jaime got her BASI Pilates Mat Teacher certification, and has been using Pilates as part of rehabilitation and patient management, as well as conditioning and fitness.

Jaime has a keen interest in wellness and rehabilitation, enjoying running, Pilates and yoga herself, and enjoys cooking in her spare time.


Pilates and Joint Hypermobility Syndrome

6 Students Enrolled

Presenter: Jaime Crowe

Pilates and Joint Hypermobility Syndrome focuses on the patient presentation and diagnosis of Joint Hypermobility Syndrome.

The link between aberrant breathing and chronic low back pain

8 Students Enrolled

Presenter: Jaime Crowe

Chronic low back pain is an extremely common condition, that is treated almost daily by physiotherapists all over the globe.

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What Our Students Have to Say

As the current evidence used, and treatment approaches taught... Were very applicable to my current setting.The online experience was new, but was interactive. I would definitely do another one.
Jaime Crowie
Thanks Tanya and all involved for the online presentation. The shoulder really is complicated and there is just always more to learn.
Thank you so much – as always your courses are of high standard and quality. And the presentation went more than well! Congratulations.
I recently did the deep gluteal course - It was fantastic and solved my problems. Living on top of a hill and doing all my house work was the cause but your were the solution. Thanks so much🙏.
Kathy Hodgson
Thanks again for your courses! It has been great to access them from Limpopo, especially given all the difficulty it would involve to get from Limpopo to wherever you are lecturing, or trying to organize the course in Limpopo.
Michele Kroger
Thank-you for another brilliant course run by Lectureworx. The amount of research that the Physio's are doing to expand their knowledge, and therefore ours -by sharing all their valuable information/ experience, is astounding.
Debbie Prinsloo
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