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Samantha Nupen​

BSc Physio (UCT)

Samantha Nupen has been working as a physiotherapist in private practice since 1993 and is passionate about the the profession. She has lived and worked in Cape Town and Johannesburg since then.

Sam’s physiotherapy journey started with sport. She played a lot of sport at school and had her fair share of minor injuries which introduced her to a wonderful physiotherapist in Durbanville where she grew up. This physio inspired her to study at UCT where she completed her BSc in Physiotherapy in 1992. After graduating she worked for The Cape Peninsula Organisation for the Aged (CPOA) for the first 18 months of her career, before moving into private practice at Constantiaberg Medi-Clinic.

A move to Johannesburg coincided with the then OMTC (Orthopaedic Manual Therapy Course) being run in South Gauteng and Sam completed the course in 1995. This course changed the way Sam approached her patients and opened her eyes to how much more there was to learn.

She embarked on her MPhil in Sports Physiotherapy through UCT in 1996 and absolutely loved the exposure to the SSISA (Sports Science Institute of South Africa) and the world class lecturers there. Unfortunately, having enjoyed the course work so much, Sam did not complete her research project, but the wealth of knowledge gained from this course was priceless.

Sam went on to assist with the development of the Sports Physiotherapy 1 (SPT1) Course which has grown into a well respected post-graduate course in South Africa, on a par with the well established OMTC that was so instrumental in Sam’s early career. This was another opportunity to be reminded of how there is always so much more to learn. Sam remained involved as a course coordinator and lecturer for SPT1 and lecturer on the OMTC until 2018.

Sam’s practice has always focussed on manual therapy skills, sports injuries, backs and necks and orthopaedics. She started her career in a practice that treated in-patient and out-patient orthopaedic patients and has always applied the principles of evidence based practice.

When Sam became a mother, she realised how useful physiotherapy could be in the post-natal period. She battled with breast feeding complications and a feeling of isolation. This led to a new interest and she finds working with new Moms incredibly rewarding. They are so grateful for the smallest relief. There is so much that we can do as physio’s to make their journey with their new baby more comfortable and less daunting.

Sam has spoken at many ante-natal classes directly to the Moms. This lecture is the first time that she is speaking to physio’s about their role in postnatal care and she is delighted to be able to share some of the stories and experiences from the last 15 years.



Soft Tissue Management

7 Students Enrolled

Module 1 – PSPC
Presenter: Sam Nupen

is course you will learn how to assess and manage soft tissue injuries. The history of soft tissue management is covered….


Tendon injuries and management

8 Students Enrolled

Module 1 – PSPC
Presenter: Sam Nupen

Tendon injuries can be very frustrating to manage. Tendons take  a long time to respond to conservative management, but this is still by far the best way to approach a tendon injury.


Stages of Healing

6 Students Enrolled

Module 1 – PSPC
Presenter: Sam Nupen

In this course you will learn about the stages of healing and how to apply this invaluable knowledge in the clinical setting.


Post Natal Physiotherapy in the Time of COVID

6 Students Enrolled

Presenter: Samantha Nupen

Post-natal physiotherapy is a hugely rewarding area of physiotherapy. It is so good for the physiotherapist’s soul. The post-natal ward is a happy place. It’s a place where special things are happening.

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As the current evidence used, and treatment approaches taught... Were very applicable to my current setting.The online experience was new, but was interactive. I would definitely do another one.
Jaime Crowie
Thanks Tanya and all involved for the online presentation. The shoulder really is complicated and there is just always more to learn.
Thank you so much – as always your courses are of high standard and quality. And the presentation went more than well! Congratulations.
I recently did the deep gluteal course - It was fantastic and solved my problems. Living on top of a hill and doing all my house work was the cause but your were the solution. Thanks so much🙏.
Kathy Hodgson
Thanks again for your courses! It has been great to access them from Limpopo, especially given all the difficulty it would involve to get from Limpopo to wherever you are lecturing, or trying to organize the course in Limpopo.
Michele Kroger
Thank-you for another brilliant course run by Lectureworx. The amount of research that the Physio's are doing to expand their knowledge, and therefore ours -by sharing all their valuable information/ experience, is astounding.
Debbie Prinsloo
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