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Introduction to Financial Planning Article

Kevin McEvoy

For many individuals, Financial Planning and Financial Needs Analysis remains foreign and you are often not fully aware of what it is and what to look out for. This is as relevant for an Executive in a corporate environment or a young medical professional entering the workforce for the first time. In the first in a series of lectures, Kevin McEvoy will give a good high-level overview of the financial planning and what it entails. The Financial Planning pyramid will be discussed, with a greater emphasis on Wealth Protection and Wealth Creation in the Investment and Life Assurance field.

Kevin McEvoy February 2021

Introduction to Financial Planning

The presentation will equip you with a high-level understanding of financial planning that will allow you to better understand your own portfolio as well as ask relevant questions of your own Financial Advisors. Topics discussed will include Life Cover, Income Protection, Retirement Annuities, Tax-Free Savings amongst others, and how to compare these products with different providers from a cost and solution point of view. What is the difference between a Tied Financial Advisor and an Independent Financial Advisor for example? The talk is approximately 50 minutes long many examples along the way which makes it easy to follow and apply to your own unique situation.

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