2022 Going Global: The Lower Quarter Course Part 1 of 6


In this 2 hour webinar recording, we are happy to bring you Part 1 of Tanya’s internationally acclaimed Lower Quarter course:

The world has changed. Most Physiotherapy courses are online & Webinars have exploded onto the scene. As a result, theoretical knowledge within the profession has improved tenfold, but Clinical skills, Manual skills & Clinical reasoning skills have declined. Assessing the whole patient to find the source of the problem, the Primary Driver, is becoming a lost art. So much sub-grouping is taking place, practitioners are becoming ‘experts’ in one joint, losing the knowledge to look at co-relationships & regional inter-dependence. This means that patient-centred care is under threat as successful treatment outcomes are potentially reduced.

This Clinically relevant course introduces the clinician to concepts necessary to evaluating the movement system as a whole, respecting the Biopsychosocial model, aimed at finding the primary source of the problem.

On this course you will learn:

  • Functional Biomechanics & Clinical Anatomy of the lumbar spine, pelvis, hip & lower limbs.
  • To understand anatomy & its clinical relevance to movement function & dysfunction.


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