Clinical Reasoning


Module 1 – PSP

In this course you will learn what clinical reasoning is. You will learn that clinical reasoning is not a linear process but rather one that flows forwards, can be paused, and reversed at any stage.  Clinical reasoning needs a foundation of building blocks, these building blocks are discussed.  The process of clinical reasoning allows us to create several hypotheses. What is required to build this hypothesis is explained. The hypothesis being key to a successful objective examination.  As clinicians navigate from novice to expert our clinical reasoning skill acquisition changes – this process is explained.  Finally understanding the flaws of clinical reasoning are discussed – allowing us to always avoid these flaws.

You will learn the definition of clinical reasoning. You will understand what we need to clinically reason and why these building blocks are key to an efficient subjective examination which essentially allows a “crisp” objective examination.  The definition of a hypothesis is discussed.  You will learn what we need to create one or several hypotheses.  As we gain experience and transition from novice to expert – our clinical reasoning skill changes.  The flaws of clinical reasoning are discussed so that we learn what to avoid.  Venture into the theory of clinical reasoning to understand this key concept of our success as clinicians.




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