Principles of Rehabiliation/Training


Module 1 – PSP

Rehabilitation should be included at every stage of our journey with our patient. To be effective we need to understand the basic principles of rehabilitation. These will then serve as a foundation as we move through the phases of healing – starting in the acute injury phase and progressing to the strength and function phase. The rehabilitation plan includes:  Range of motion;  flexibility;  muscular strength, endurance, and power; proprioception and neuromuscular control; cardiorespiratory endurance  and functional progressions.  Each of these is addressed in detail to guide you to a more finely tuned rehabilitation prescription for your patient.

In this course you will learn:

In this course you will learn what the building blocks of rehabilitation and training are. You will understand what is happening to the tissue in each phase of healing and thus realise how effective we can be with both therapeutic modalities and therapeutic exercises.  Both local and systemic factors influencing tissue healing are discussed.  The six components of the rehabilitation plan are introduced and discussed – allowing you to address all of these yet remain individualised for each patient. At the end of this lecture you will understand what to address, and how to put a rehabilitation program together for each individual patient.




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