Special Questions of the Subjective Assessment


Module 1 – PSP

The subjective assessment is built on clarity and conciseness. At this stage the patient has made the decision to present to you.  Its now up to the clinician to use this opportunity to gain the patients confidence by asking the right questions.  Your special questions act as a “safety net” to protect you as the clinician as well as the patient.  Understanding why we ask about general health is key.  Understanding the “flag” system creates a tier of information to rule our significant physical presentation, understand psychological factors, perceptions about work and health, and finally contextual or system obstacles.  Guidance is given about who to screen, when to screen and what tools are available to help us screen.

In this course you will learn:

Special questions are an important part of any subjective assessment.  However, we need to understand why we ask these questions – to understand how the information which we are gathering is assisting us.  The special questions you ask are a “safety net” for both you and the patient – learn why.  The “flags” which we look out for is a great system to use to understand our patient.  Learn what the flags represent.  How to screen, when to screen and what tools are available to assist us to navigate this part of the assessment.




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