Stages of Healing


Module 1 – PSP

In this course you will learn about the stages of healing and how to apply this invaluable knowledge in the clinical setting. An in depth knowledge of the body’s natural response to an injury is an essential guide to treatment and rehabilitation of an athlete. Understanding what happens at the injury site during the different phases of healing adds invaluable insight and ensures that treatment is more effective. The athlete, and the injury, is provided with the optimal environment for healing whether this incorporates relative rest, safely increased depth of manual therapy technique or return to graduated exercise.

After completing this course you will have a thorough knowledge of the three stages of healing,

  1. inflammation
  2. repair and
  3. remodelling

and what happens at a chemical, cellular and vascular level during these phases. You will learn how to assess your patients to make an informed decision about where they are on this continuum of healing and how to approach their treatment.




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