Tendon injuries and management


Module 1 – PSP

Tendon injuries can be very frustrating to manage. Tendons take  a long time to respond to conservative management, but this is still by far the best way to approach a tendon injury. Good results are possible when treating stubborn tendinopathies as this course will reveal.

Once you have completed this course you will have a very good understanding of the pathology, anatomy and physiology of tendon injuries.

The course covers how to grade and stage tendinopathies. The most common tendon injuries are discussed and by the end of the course the therapist will be able to thoroughly assess and effectively manage most tendon injuries.

Treatment strategies including relative rest, unloading, education, managing patient expectations, manual therapy, graded exercise and return to sport are covered in detail with useful guidelines for the physiotherapeutic approach to stubborn tendons. Medical management as well as contraindications are also covered.




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