Mobility and stretching

The Concept of Mobility and Stretching Article

Dane O’Connor

Dane O’Connor

Mobility and stretching is somewhat a FAD and has kind of come into ‘fashion’ these days. Every gym or fitness centre you walk in to has a designated stretching or mobility area with all sorts of fancy equipment such as stretching belts, foam rollers and elastic bands etc.

But is it really effective? Is stretching really the be all and end all? As we know, too much of anything is not always a good thing. I have decided to do research and find out the physiological effects of stretching, overstretching, hypermobility as well as hypo mobility. As we know, there are always two sides to a story or two sides to a coin… In this case, STABILITY vs MOBILITY.

This CPD accredited presentation provides you with the knowledge of how to stretch, when to stretch, why to stretch and whether or not mobility is everything.

There are ultimately two sides to the coin… Stability vs Mobility – but which one is the ultimate?

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The Concept of Mobility and Stretching

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