The Overhead Shoulder

Tanya Bell-Jenje

Shoulder pain affects 18-26% of adults in their lifetime, making it one of the most common regional pain syndromes (Walker-Bone et al, 2004). Risk of shoulder injury in the workplace increases especially with repetitive overhead work, heavy liGing, vibration and working in awkward positions (Linaker & Bone, 2015). Overall, the majority of shoulder injuries are

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A Whole Brain® approach to adherence: From adherence to growth

Johan Olwagen

Physiotherapists play a critical role in patient recovery. Despite their dedication, ability to operate under adversity and their resilience, they are still confronted by patients who do not adhere to the treatment regimes. Whilst this is true for all health care professions, physiotherapists have the added reputation of “hurting” patients, or even requiring of them

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Rehabilitation in Sport. There is no ‘One size fits all’

Tanya Bell-Jenje

There are so many different sports, so many different levels of competency, skill sets and competition. Also, each individual athlete can respond profoundly differently both to a specific injury, both physically and psychologically, as well as to the prescribed rehabilitation. For these reasons, and many others, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. So

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Lateral Ankle Sprains and Chronic Ankle Instability

Lindsay Harris

Lateral Ankle Sprains (LAS) account for 85% of sports related injuries having a major impact financially both on the medical system, and the elite athlete as they spend time off the track and field. Despite this huge statistic only 50% of people who sustain this injury seek medical attention. Chronic Ankle Instability occurs in up

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Covid-19 Storm

The Gift in the COVID-19 Storm A Focus on the Mental Wellness Challenge & Ethics

Kim Ballantine

Compassion fatigue, stress and burnout are described as occupational hazards for those in the helping professions. High patient numbers, long hours, complex ethical decision making, exhaustion, to name a few, have all contributed to the ongoing challenges helping professionals face. The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the strain, further stretching burnt out health care workers to

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