Ethics in cycling - Blurred Lines

Online Course: Ethics Blurred Lines

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Course Outline

An ethics talk given by a professional cycling doctor. Yes, really.

In his talk, Dr Van Zuydam will attempt to convince us that the sport of cycling is far cleaner than it used to be (and far cleaner than many other sports claim to be) while asking some questions:

  • When is not cheating, cheating?
  • What is a TUE and can it make me faster?
  • What the hell was in THAT Jiffy bag?
  • What do Fancy Bears have to do with organised doping in Russia?
  • How marginal are marginal gains?
  • Does professional sport give you asthma?

You’ll come out more confused than you were when you went in but you’ll be a few precious ethics points richer. Worth It!

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