Chronic Pain in Particular

Online Course: Part 1 – Getting back on track with Chronic Pain Patient – Slide Presentation

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The chronic pain patient can at times feel like an overwhelming patient. Often they arrive at your door with years of history involving specialists, interventions, scans and mountains of previous advice and treatments. They have often also done lots of their own research and have quite clear set ideas regarding their condition. They may have seen numerous health
care professionals before and be sceptical about how you can help them when they have struggled in the past. Knowing where and how to start can sometimes be very daunting.

This lecture will give an overview of some of the concepts and techniques involved in the rehabilitation of a chronic pain patient. The aim of this lecture is to introduce you to some of the basic skills to help you to help these patients, and as an introduction to the exciting world of assisting chronic pain patients to rehabilitate to a meaningful life.

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