A Whole Brain® Approach to Adherence

Online Course: A Whole Brain® Approach to Adherence: From Adherence to Growth

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CPD Points : 2

CEU Points awarded: 1 General & 2 Ethics, Level 1

Course Outline

This programme will address the following topics:

  1. What the ethical code requires from practitioners
  2. The importance of good will and moral duty
  3. What brings success in physiotherapy
    a. Career interests
    b. Personality characteristics
    c. Learning needs
  4. What is adherence
  5. Factors involved in adherence
  6. The Whole Brain Model
    a. Left-Right brain?
    b. Upper-Lower brain?
    c. Triune brain?
  7. Our 4 different selves and the approach to the patient
    a. Your Hot Buttons
    b. When your resilience goes down
    c. What you fear and how this leads to stress
    d. When do physios become angry in the context of adherence
    e. Compassion fatigue & your response
    i. What do you do when you are in denial?
    ii. Applying the “Reverse Z model”
  8. Managing the patient
    a. The start: Good will and ethics
    b. The 4Qs
    c. Whole Brain® Intervention
    d. Managing your own and the patient’s self-talk
    e. Using the 4Ds
    f. The positive rollercoaster of change
    g. Applying the “Reverse Z” model with the patient
    h. Summary & closure
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