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The purpose of any clinical examination is to make a diagnosis or at least have a differential diagnosis.

Before examining a patient with a knee complaint, the clinician must be aware of a broad range of conditions that may present with a knee problem and conditions which may mimic knee pathology. Different conditions present at different ages. This course outlines the “diagnostic calendar” approach to making a diagnosis where different aspect of the knee examination and different tests are used in the different age groups of patients.

Although this course gives a general approach to the examination of the knee, one should not have a “cook book” approach to all patients but rather to be mindful of possible conditions that may be presenting and to have goal directed approach to the examination.

The course emphasises the value of gait at the start of the examination. It then demonstrates the time-honoured Louis Solomon approach of “Look, Feel, Move”. I then go on to explain certain tips and caveats in performing specialised tests in helping make the diagnosis.

By the end of the course the clinician should have logical approach to examining any patient of any age with a knee complaint.

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