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The Female Athlete

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The Female Athlete who participates in sports either very competitively or recreationally or anywhere along the spectrum in between are at risk of suffering very specific challenges and problems. The clinician treating this population group needs to be exquisitely aware of these problems and challenges so they can make an accurate diagnosis, pick up underlying conditions that have not yet been brought to light and also facilitate bringing symptoms that are as yet sub clinical into the athlete’s and the medical team’s awareness. The earlier many of these problems are diagnosed the better and an aware clinician may prevent irreversible changes from occurring through their ability to accurately diagnose conditions.

The talk will discuss the psychological stressors of the female athlete, their propensity to develop disordered eating and with it the conditions of the female triad. It will uncover the struggles of body dysmorphia and relative energy deficiency in sport as well as discussing pelvic floor dysfunctions and all the challenges they produce. The potentially irreversible problem of hypothalamic amenorrhea and all it’s associated dysfunctions will be discussed as well as bone density changes that may co-exist with any or all of these conditions.

The outcome of attending:

Attendees will have a deep understanding of the complex and tightly intertwined challenges facing the female athlete and will be well placed to pick up red and yellow flags. They will have insight into the questions they need to ask their patients and the investigations they may need to recommend.

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Anna Gerryts
Posted 5 months ago

Hello, Thank you for this interesting course - I struggled with answering the questions. I can be honest - that I felt I learnt, U understood, but struggled with the WAY the questions was asked, and misinterpreted, as I had to " almost restructure" a lot of the questions to try and make out. However - after 3 attempts I gave up. I appreciate the feedback - I completed it now.

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