Ethics: Understanding LGBTQIA: Embracing Diversity and Identity



This course offers a profound exploration of queerness and the diverse spectrum of LGBTQIA identities. The speakers aim to provide you with a nuanced understanding of the rich tapestry of LGBTQIA experiences, histories, and cultures. Join us for an enlightening evening with Yahto Kraft (supported by Thulani Ndzotyana & Kristy Suttner) as he takes us on his fascinating journey of identity & self discovery. His adventures being a queer performer in SA and abroad, and what that means ethically. You’ll laugh ….. you’ll cry … and most essentially, you’ll learn!

Course objectives

1: LGBTQIA+ Identity and Terminology: Gain a clear understanding of LGBTQIA+ identities, terminology, and the diversity within the LGBTQIA+ community.

2: Gender and Sexuality Spectrum: Understand the spectrum of sexual orientations within the LGBTQIA+ community, emphasizing the fluidity and diversity of individual experiences.
3: Coming Out and Self-Acceptance: Examine the process of coming out and the importance of self-acceptance in LGBTQIA+ individuals’ lives.


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