Hip Examination and Diagnosis: A Practical Approach to Accurate Assessment of Hip Pathology


In this course, we will explore the essential skills and techniques required to conduct a thorough hip examination to diagnose various hip-related pathologies. As a a healthcare professional, this course will enhance your proficiency in evaluating and diagnosing hip issues.

Pathology of the hip area may present as backache, lateral thigh pain, groin pain, hip pain and even knee pain. Cross referrals between doctors, specialists and allied health-workers are common, however the terminology of the diagnosis can be very different, which adds to the difficulty.

This course will simplify the approach to examination of the hip to enable the attendee to quickly screen for any serious pathology and refer these patients. Once this initial triage is done, a systematic approach is performed, starting with a history and a thorough examination to decide which anatomic region is involved: the anterior hip and groin, the posterior hip and buttock or the lateral hip.

A combination of the age, presenting history and special tests for each of these anatomic regions will assist in reaching a working diagnosis for further management. If referral is warranted, then this course will also assist by using the latest terminology so that all treating healthcare workers refer to the same conditions using the same terminology, including the Doha Agreement for groin pain, greater trochanteric pain syndrome and femero-acetabular impingement.

Course objectives:

Master Examination Techniques: Learn various physical examination techniques specific to the hip, such as range of motion assessment, resisted tests and provocative special tests to identify potential issues and differentiate between different pathologies. This course is designed for physiotherapists and other healthcare providers interested in enhancing their expertise in hip examination and diagnosis.


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