The SIJ Simplified

Fiona Lamberti

SIJ and simplified are two words that you most definitely don’t think could ever occur in the same sentence. In fact, we could say that it’s a paradox, if ever there was one.

The Pelvic girdle is a complex area of the body, of which the SIJ is only one part. Pain and/or dysfunction in this area of the body can be looked at through so many lenses, depending on the therapist’s expertise. Sports, OMT, Woman’s/Men’s Health.

We can look above the pelvis and what is happening in the thoracic rings, as well as below. Looking at this area, often referred to as the lumbopelvic hip complex, from all aspects is vital. However, it can also be totally overwhelming, and often one has no idea where to start.

The aim of this talk is to go back to basics. Making sure that you understand these basics to give you a solid base off which to work. This is done from a musculoskeletal aspect and not that of Woman’s/Men’s Health

We will look at

  • Basic anatomy
  • Correct terminology
  • Biomechanics and function of the SIJ
  • Reliability of Motion detection at the SIJ
  • Reliable tests for Measuring Load transfer
  • Common Clinical presentations of the SIJ

Once you start to understand these basics, the muddy waters will become clear, and this will open your eyes to better see any problems coming from other parts of the kinetic chain.

Click here to learn more about this course: Online Course: A Functional Assessment of the SIJ 

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