Chronic Pain in Particular

Pain: Chronic Pain in Particular

Briony Gildenhuys

Briony Gildenhuys 

Pain, and chronic pain in particular, negatively affects significant numbers of South Africans with recent research showing that one in five South Africans of all ages have chronic pain (Kamerman et al, 2020)

These patients can feel like a challenge to treat as they present with multiple contributing factors to their pain which include biological, psychological and social elements.

Key to being able to help these patients is to assess them comprehensively – acknowledging all areas of their life that have been affected – and work together with them towards their goals.

This lecture gives an overview of some of the concepts and techniques involved in the assessment and rehabilitation of a chronic pain patient.
The essential first steps to take to ensure that you get on the right track from the beginning.

It will introduce you to some of the basic skills you can use to help these patients and welcome you to the exciting and rewarding world of assisting chronic pain patients to rehabilitate, understand and manage their pain and be able to return to a more fulfilling and functional role as an active participant in their life.

Click on the link to learn more about this two-part course:
Getting back on track with Chronic Pain Patient

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