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  • Brought to you by Eduworks, Simply the Thorax is a 90 minute live Webinar aimed at increasing your understanding of the role of, treatment of and rehab of the thoracic spine, ‘Simply’.
  • Described as the ‘Cinderella’ region, biomechanically the thoracic spine contributes 55% of total force during a throw & is kinematically linked to the upper quarter as well as other spinal regions.
  • 40% of our patients have co-existing thoracic pain with their cervical pain, and many disorders such as auto-immune diseases ‘masquerade’ as thoracic pain.
  • Despite this, there is a scarcity of either available research or clinical guidelines.
  • Learn about the clinically applied anatomy and biomechanics of the thoracic region as well as some useful assessment skills, treatment techniques and prescriptive exercises

The knowledge and information gained from this workshop will be able to be applied to your very next patient!

The original webinar was held on Tuesday 11th May 
Event has been recorded – and is available in the course content.


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Riona Rajcoomar
Posted 3 weeks ago
Great lecture

Very well explained, with great new tips.

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Dionne McKenzie
Posted 6 months ago

Very informative especially as to how it links to lumbo-pelvic dysfunction, as well as well known relations to the cervical spine and shoulder. Excellent refresher on anatomy and muscular links which will improve my palpation skills. Great new way of mobilizing and reducing pain and discomfort with inverted thoracic spines.

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Vesta De Wet
Posted 8 months ago
A very good review of the thorax with new ways to think about it!

Loved all the anatomical gems and new treatment techniques

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Gillian Robertson
Posted 10 months ago
Well designed course that is easy to follow.

The thorax is an important and underrated zone that we need to consider when dealing with cervical and lumbar pain. I enjoyed the videos showing the hands on techniques used for palpation (including appropriate landmarks) as well as new management techniques that I haven't seen before.

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Nicola Deenik
Posted 10 months ago
Very informative and well presented

It was well thought out and very evidence based which has helped me to assess and treat my patients more effectively.

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!
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