Comprehensive Foot and Ankle Assessment: From Evaluation to Diagnosis


Presenters: Lindsay Harris
Attendees: Health Care Professionals

Join Lindsay Harris as she presents the subjective and objective assessment of the Foot and Ankle joint. Followed by a live unseen patient assessment, clinical reasoning and treatment plan


In this presentation you will learn how to assess the Foot and Ankle. The subjective assessment will be processed.  The steps of the objective assessment will be guided both theoretically and practically.  Following this, Lindsay will assess an unseen Foot and Ankle Patient.  Through this assessment, she will highlight the assessment, and explain her clinical reasoning of this patient.  A diagnosis will be discussed.  Followed by a treatment plan.

At the end of this session, you should feel more comfortable with the Foot and Ankle Assessment.  You will have a guide as to how to take the assessment into your rooms and assess any foot or ankle patient that enters your practice.


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